Saturday, May 12, 2007


Oh là! I forgot to post my ”homework!” I got tagged by Sia last week! Yyaay!! It took me a week to finally have it up here! Better late than never, my it comes:

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7 things about me

I used to hate my name; ”Amreta” is very uncommon name in Indonesia and, if you speak our language, it sounds older than old…’ancient’, that is! And other kids often made fun of it. Until, one day a friend who was studying sanskrit and hindu mythology, recognized that amreta is a variation of amrta, the ’water of life’ (mom also told me that meaning of my name), the drink that gives the gods immortality. I started my research on the internet and found stories about amreta / amrta and loved particularly this story which is related to how Garuda became the vehicle of Vishnu. Well, since then, I like my name! :-)

My little sisters called me ”omeletta” – which is a much-easier-to-prounounce version of Amreta ;-)

My favorite pair of shoes is my knee-length boots, and I love wearing long coats [ I wish there were such things as autumn and spring in Jakarta…;-) ]

I've been wearing glasses since 1995, and just never manage wearing contact lenses.

A home sweet home for me smells fresh brewed coffee and cinnamon over apple pie, and has on the table a bunch of pale-colored flowers with extravagant petals such as peonies or big roses. And the furniture are natural or painted, not vernished!

I’m so curious how come that the Swedish folk song ”små grödorna” [little frogs] is so similar to Javanese folk song ”kodok ngorek” [croaking frogs]. Both songs have the same melody and talk about frogs. I never stop doing my research about it but still no clue until now :-(

During my university years, I was so intensely into practicing and performing with the university’s symphony orchestra, that my classmates in French studies often joked that I was actually ’majoring in orchestra’

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And here I'm tagging (back) Sia, Lola, Meg, Jessica, Maggan, Imelda, Anna, Caroline


  1. Hi Sweetie! I´ll write my 7 things on my blog soon, I promise. I just don´t have the time right now.
    So interesting to hear that an Javanesan folk song is simular to our Små grodorna ;) I mean, the countries are soo far from each other. Tell me if you find an answer. Hugs from Maggan

  2. number 1 made me laugh, and i couldn't agree more with number 5--- i agree about the furniture! :)) megxx

  3. Hi Amreta! Apa khabar di sana?
    Oh my.. long time no see! I'm so glad I found my way here through Caroline's blog. :D How have you been, girl??

  4. hi amreta:

    thanks for tagging me. Si lola juga nge tag gue belon lama ini, but gue baru nemu 3 things nih. Emang kurang happening sih gue orangnya. hehehe... Anyway, I'm amazed with your number 6. Trus terang gue blon pernah denger dua lagu itu, perhaps, kalo one day kita ketemu, you should sing them to me. ;-)


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