Friday, May 4, 2007


This is friday and I will let you enjoy some more pictures from one fine friday [.30.03.2007.] in Göteborg, Sweden. Happy weekend!

.what i could see from my hotel window:.

.what i loved to see at Brunsparken in central Göteborg:.

.the lamps.

.i think i really [heart] taking pictures of signs.where do you want to go?.

.the swedish east india company building, now museum.i love more what's displayed in there.

.what caught my eyes on the streets of göteborg:.

.building number 17 and a half?.

.it epidemic

.a nice shiny day.and people are happy.


  1. What a beautiful blog site. I think it's quite the loveliest I've ever come across :)

  2. Beautiful pictures, Amreta! I have a weak spot for everything Swedish, as you might have read on my blog. Which reminds me... you have been tagged on my blog! :-)

  3. hi amreta, thanks for visiting my blog! whereabout are you located? are you in indo or sweden? lovely photos, would really love to visit there sometime!d


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