Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Ow, blogging is so practical that as you see now I also use this blog for posting new free graphics. they will come more regularly i hope, just a few graphics per entry, and well, probably without theme! with my schedule right now I still find it difficult to concentrate and draw a set or collection. anyhow, I guess random graphics will be better than no new graphic at all ;-)

I start with these two graphics, I got a question whether the girl-with-violin graphic is available for download, since it doesn’t belong to any set or collection. well, actually I planned to add it to my updated spring collection, but here you get two of them for free, since the update is still on its way, and there will be a lot more of these in the collection.

Hope you enjoy the graphics :-)

[to dowload: right-click and choose 'save picture as' - and save it to your own harddisk]

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  1. Hi Amreta,

    The new graphics are lovely - actually the "violin girl" reminds me of my Japanese friend Ayako :)

    HUGS from Barbara


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