Thursday, June 7, 2007


I subscribed to Heartwarmers and sometimes, the stories they delivered just really shot straight into my heart, at the very precise moments.

Just like the poem by James "Poppy" Kisner that came into my inbox today. Father's Day is coming up, and what I read in today's Heartwarmers, is exactly what I always want to say to my late dad, I just didn't know how. I owe you, Mr Kisner, thank you!

by James "Poppy" Kisner

What can I say about you dad that qualifies as praise?
The way you show your love for me in many different ways.
The words may not be spoken to express that love for me,
But I know dad you love me, it's in everything I see.

I see how hard you work to earn a living everyday,
And I know where the money goes when you receive your pay.
You take care of the family as you work to earn a living,
But more than monetarily you just can't stop from giving.

Unselfishly you sacrifice your time and energy,
And always when I need your help you still have time for me.
There's nothing you won't do for me if it is for my best,
Even times when it may seem that I am just a pest.

You've made me realize that I can always count on you,
That I will have your full support in anything that I do.
To know I have your backing when I have tried different things,
Gives me so much courage as I try to spread my wings.

Never have you wavered in responsibility,
Always being just exactly what a dad should be.
You have always been there for me and you know it's true,
That is why I say these words with pride "Dad I love you."

-- James "Poppy" Kisner

It's me with dad in October 1973 - I was 6 months old, one of my favorite baby pictures - both of us had those big smiles - one of my happiest days in my life.


  1. Oh what an lovely poem! And such an cute picture of you and your dad. You both looks very happy ;)
    Just popped in to visit you. It´s very hot here in Sweden so I stay inside ;)

  2. What a sweet picture. Thank you for sharing!

    Christian Faith


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