Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Psst. It’s a ’guerilla ad’. My mom has just started her home business, but she really wants it to be ’quiet’ until she’s 100 percent ready to launch herself into business life. The reason is, she found that her ”creating time” is still pretty much unconsistent. An artist is an artist, if you understand what I mean. She draws the designs, patterns and illustration, then her business partner makes them into batik. As the goods are all handmade, each of them is unique. Mom made tote bags, bed sheets, table cloths, wrap skirts (and probably blouses as well, but I haven’t seen one yet). So far, the marketing is done through word-of-mouth and sometimes mom gave away some samples as gifts, slowly testing the market’s interest. Still no website either – mom is still not sure about it. Hopefully she’s having a good starting-phase and that she’ll be encouraged to continue her hobby-turned-into-business activity. Because this makes her happy. I keep my fingers crossed :-)

[ my mom’s batik bags. the black and turqoise bags are from my collection, and the blue one is my friend Joanna’s ]

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