Monday, June 4, 2007


When it comes to journaling, I have tendency to always recreate pages I really like from my previous journals: pictures that moved me, words that encouraged me, articles that enriched me. My latest journal’s just finished - and now I arrived to the first three pages of the new one. At home, I have the habit of keeping old magazines and, during long weekends, when I don’t play the violin, I could spend hours and hours leafing the mags and cutting images that inspire me. Then I sort them into different categories, each in one plastic box :
 living/sitting/working/hallway
 dining/kitchen
 bed/bath
 fashion/beauty
 outdoor/flowers
 details/objects/crafts
 food/recipes
 travel/places
 health
 words
 reference/unsorted

But, speaking about recreating some favorite pages from my previous journals, I have one particular entry that I really like in the last journal. It started with an ad for Princess Cruise (I don’t remember from what magazine I took it), it says ”Sometimes, you take a ship to get back to where you started”. A few days before, I received from my sister two scanned pictures of me on my first travel at age nine with Dad. They were the only pictures that could be found from that special trip. I was on a boat with Dad to Bali. Preceding those two ’findings’, actually, in June last year, I was onboard a ship - a real sailing ship, and those 3 days at sea sent me back to the memories of my first travel with Dad. Where it all started. I took a ship.

Sometimes, I’m just amazed at how the universe reminds us about the wonderful things we have in life :-)

And below is the handmade ’sequel’ of the dream home I wrote in my previous entry – this time the images are cut-outs from old magazines.

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