Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yay, busy-busy week at work. So much to do and to be done before my departure to Sweden next week. And there are new graphics to be uploaded this weekend. Oh, where does time fly?

Mom is also coming to Jakarta in a few days. She always loves doing the 'shopping part' in the preparation when I'm going traveling. Good for me and it makes her happy, too ;-) But well, suddenly I was thinking that I'd better not imagine what she'd say about all those magazines stacked in my room. A lot of them. A magazine junkie like me. "I need them for inspiration mom, I draw graphics, remember" should I say that? She already knows it, I guess. All I need to do is to make the magazine piles look pretty. Is it possible?

Hmm. Doesn't one say "Luck favors the prepared mind?" Yippii. I visited Benita's blog {chez larsson} today and I'd like to thank her for posting an entry about how she organized her magazine collection!! Exactly what I needed! And she presented it very nicely, too. Read her post here

pictures above from {chez larsson}

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