Friday, June 27, 2008


Times’s up. No more excuses. This weekend, too, will be a very busy one. A trip to prepare, projects to finish, but first of all, a room to rearrange and redecorate.

Yesterday my magazine collection has found a happy solution through Benita’s blog :-) Now it’s so great that Domino Magazine has some pretty ideas that may work well for my icy-blue painted little room. Let’s see these:

The two pictures below are from Lili Diallo’s loft, I love the comfortably creative style, I love the mix of colors. And I love it that there are a lot of books and magazines inside, too :-)

Steven Gambrell’s desk below is just perfect to illustrate mine when done with the rearrangement. The same wall paint color, the same vernished wooden desk located on the right corner of the room. Perfect.

All pictures above from Domino Magazine

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