Saturday, June 7, 2008


Oho! Finally a little time off. Probably these are the nice things about sharing the house with my cousins, and having the terrace turned into a small restaurant. Though I would always have my privacy upstairs, whenever I want I would just go downstairs and join the fun, or creating the fun itself :-)

I have my favorite corner in the restaurant and when lunch time is out and there are not many visitors, I would occupy that favorite corner with my books or papers or crafts and coffee - so would my cousins on the other tables.

Sometimes various traditional food sellers would pass by and my cousins would buy some snacks or refreshments. They had fresh fruit slices with peanut and palm sugar sauce today.

And I managed to change a little bit my inspiration board - added two pictures of baby me with dad and grandpa, and a DVD picture of maestro Claudio Abbado conducting the Berlin Philharmonic performing Beethoven's symphony no. 7 - my favorite. A picture and poem by Mr Hammarskjöld are still intact.

I just felt like it, inline with Father's Day next week. Wish my dad were here again. But I know he's watching over me from above, and smiling :-) I miss you, Dad!!

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