Friday, June 13, 2008


This friday i'm so thankful that the internet connection at home has come back to normal. This friday i'm so thankful i got a comfortable seat in the bus that made it possible for me to read a few pages from Marci Shimoff's Happy for No Reason during the 1,5 hours commute. It's a very good book. I always considered myself a happy person - i didn't think i would need to read how-to-be-happy books. Truly, you actually never know until something unexpected happens to you. Something unexpected happened to me, and there in my "i don't know what to do" state i tried to console myself and roamed the bookstore (it is the most effective method that really works for me!). I found myself standing before a stack of new releases. one book was unwrapped. Euh, i liked the title. "happy for no reason". this usually happy person was sad for some reason. This book might be something. wanna try to see what's inside? blink-blink. Believe it or not. I opened the book and stumbled upon a story of a woman who courageously overcame a grief...almost exactly like mine! At the end of the story, there's an exercise that might help to make the burden lighter. Wow. I paused. This can't be true, i said - fascinated at how the universe answered my wish. You know what happened next. I bought the book. And oh so happy about it.

{heart} these words by Marta:
"i learned that when a loved one dies, everything once important in your world goes to the sidelines. and everything that truly really is important comes right in front of you. they are the people in your arms. life stops for awhile and you gain a completely new perspective of what life is about. your heart hurts, but things become clearer and you become stronger and you realize that everything happens for a reason."

So true. Will always remember especially the last phrase.

{heart} all things chic Marta style. Her works. Her words.

{mad about} ideas on how to decorate small spaces. This one is outstanding. Thanks, Country Living.

{enjoy} Decor Amor
{enjoy} M.A. Belle


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