Saturday, June 7, 2008


May's over. I know. My calendar already says "June" since a week ago. But I recently reorganised my photo files from my trip in Sweden one fine May, and looking at those nice images brought back delightful memories... I remember my host-mom in France sent me a note "n'oublie pas les beaux jours, car si tu les oublies, ils ne reviendront plus jamais" (don't forget the beautiful days, 'cause if you forget them, they will never come back)

Thought of leaving some of those pictures here, for more beautiful days to come :-)

Next trip to Sweden: July

location: Stockholm.
Outside Nordiska Museet

I found blue and yellow flowers are fantastic side-to-side, just like the colors of the Swedish flag

location: Brannö.
On the archipelago outside Gothenburg, on the west coast.

I love the sea, the islands, and the little red cottages with flowers around

location: Eskilstuna.
Viking runes are fascinating!

location: Birka.
A once upon a time very busy Viking town. Now it's a pretty, idyllic island, so imagination is required :-) Still, as studying about the Vikings had been a little bit of secret obsession of mine, this island is one of the most amazing places for me in Sweden!

location: Mullhyttan.
Call me partial to Swedish countryside. But once visiting my host family who lives in this pretty little village, I always wanted to come back. I fell for the little red cottage where I stayed and the beautiful nature around it. And even for Svea the cat!

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