Friday, September 12, 2008


Well, I'm so excited about the contest idea :-) Tomorrow I will upload many blank frames and frame backgrounds to the member area, and all members will be able to participate in the contest. The rules and entry to be announced probably in one or two weeks from now, in order that there is sufficient time to have trial-and-error-and-tweaking with the graphics.

The first idea that came up to me for this contest was photo blogging. Participants will have to create several framed photos in sequence and to put text / comment / story to accompany the pictures.

Probably something like this imaginary conversation between my two little sisters, when they were small. I love looking at these pictures, and they had these cute little-rascals-ish sparks in their eyes as if they had been plotting something :-D

WELCOME BABY SISTER... "i've gotta tell you we've got a big sis, and she thinks she's our boss, but together we're stonger than her!!"

"...okay, do we stick to our plan? we're both bigger now, and chubby as well!"

Sometimes, when I got remarks from people that I'm an upbeat person...I just thought of my little sisters, you may guess where the surge of energy often came from :-D

Well, this is the first idea, let me know what you think and let's have our first contest soon! :-)


  1. a contest yay! i love contest, photo blogging is a great idea! :)... enjoy your weekend:)

  2. Hi Amreta - Thanks for the easy-to-understand tutorial and all of your wonderful graphics. It will be fun to try them out. Have a great day.


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