Sunday, September 14, 2008

[.member's.creation. + .inspiration.board.]

Amy sent me her creation :-) I'm so glad she gave me permission to post it here :-)

And I'm certainly very happy that many of you like the frames {blush}. Turned out I make alot of frame backgrounds using my tile collections. I will upload them all very soon. And just today I was thinking of also making bigger (800x600)frame background and I call it 'mood board' or 'inspiration board'. I find it more convenient using this bigger background tile to create scrapbook-like inspiration board.

The step by step is very much similar to creating frame picture. I inserted the 800x600 background to MS Power Point, then inserted pictures and arrange them freely - resized them, sending them backward or forward (using the 'draw' function), then select all, and copy and paste it to MS Paint.

On MS Paint, I decorated the board with my graphics (see the tutorial on previous entries), saved it as PNG, and voila! An interior design inspiration board with pictures from Jonathan Adler. I really love his design! Especially his decorating philosophy: "Happiness is Chic". I can't agree more! :-)

This picture of course looks very small on the on the picture to see it at it's real size.

And, ok, what do you think of the mood board? Is it a good size, or too small? I'd love to hear your opinion :-)


  1. Hello,
    Thanks for posting my frame!
    I like the size of that memo frame and if people think it is to big they can resize it. Did you put the frames up on your graphic website!
    'Cause if you did, I can't find them anywhere...
    P.S. That isn't your house on that memo frame is it? If it is, I really like it!

  2. Lovely pics, Amreta! :) Have a happy Wed. Greetings from rainy Scotland!


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