Friday, September 19, 2008


This used to be like this, all the time. My daily this-and-that merged intensely with my so-called music life. Doing exercises on the violin to retrain my fingers (and my brain) early in the morning was something I hardly missed. Then those weekly practices with my pianist (a set of sushi with lots of wasabi normally followed suit). Then to a gang of enthusiastic concertgoers I belonged.

No, not everything’s gone. I thanked my lucky star. Yesterday evening I once again found myself sitting at Goethe House, with my pianist on my right and a violinist friend on my left. The ever amazing Abegg Trio was on stage. Loved the happy-go-lightly Hayden’s trio, got agitated through the classic-modern composition on the second programme, then Dvorak’s Dumky Trio was a blast! Especially the first movement. I came to understand that I might be a dévotée to folk music, as listening to this best known of Dvorak’s piano trios of which colourful tunes of folk songs and dances were the joyful themes – I felt I was kind of ‘expanded’ and boy, the music must have restored the good chemicals in my brain!

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Birgit Erichsson, cello. Gerrit Zitterbart, piano. Ulrich Beetz, violin.

Next plan? Marcel the pianist and I will re-start our regular practice this coming Sunday. My violin will be happy! Now would you excuse me, I have to say hi to Mr Bach and Mr Beethoven... :-)

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  1. Music is such a wonderful way to help us through life, is it not? Oh, how I wish I could play an instrument. Esp. the violin, how beautiful that one is.


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