Thursday, November 25, 2010

Graphic Goodness updates

Wow! Basically you are here for a real treat, aren’t you? *wink* I’ve got a lot of free stuff for you to enjoy, to use or to ‘play’ and you can tweak them as you like :o) Oh dear, yes, I understand the graphics would be just no-thing if they’re only for showing, they’ve got to be both of your interest and useful.

So voilà the very reason why I created the graphic goodness exercises or simple tutorials on how I created my graphics. And THANK YOU for those who gave me very useful feedback through emails… I should’ve added information about ‘what I did’ or the ‘step-by-step’ with each PSD file that you can download here. Oh, see, the trial-and-error never stops, isn’t that exciting!

THANK YOU AGAIN for the feedback, and I will see if I can add the step-by-step info or even replace the gratitude cards this week with simpler files which illustrate the step-by-step in the graphic goodness exercises ‘playfile’ week 1. The posts will be up soon ;o)


Don’t forget,

I’m also preparing my new web-shop with much more inside than just web-sets. Expect these stuff for your delights:
  • all existing web-sets, but they are all updated with blogging sets plus premade PSD files for you to create your own stuff, to suit your need.
  • printable snapshots albums
  • graphic kits to satisfy your creative eyes and minds (Adobe Photoshop files)
  • journaling sets
  • lovely A4 or Letter size prints
  • premade e-book layouts (Adobe InDesign files)

Make sure you subscribe to Amretasgraphics Newsletter, get the free goodiebag, and special discounts later when the shop is officially open!

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