Monday, December 22, 2008

{mother's day bug}

It was a very nice morning, this morning. It has been raining the night before, so the weather was fresh. Didn't want to believe it was Monday morning, and I had to go to work. I wanted to continue cleaning up. The mission 'Sunday clean-up' wasn't accomplished. There was too much to do. We had fun though. Especially when it came to washing the plastic boxes. Water, bubbles, scrubbing, and it smelled clean, so good.

I went downstairs. "It's Mother's Day!" my cousins were frantic (yes today is mother's day here in Indonesia). Apparently they just remembered. My aunt came out of her room. A choir of two boys greeted her: "Mom, don't prepare breakfast!"

And today I'm so inspired by Anna Maria Horner. Can't stop looking at her beautiful fabrics! Her blog is one of the loveliests on the internet. And see her showroom, painted in aqua-blue? Wowwow! Wonderful isn't it when inspirations just keep coming up when you need them? *blink* Now I really love it that my room is painted in that kind of blue ;-)

Well I guess I've got a new addiction. I spent most of this evening looking at Anna Maria's website and blog. Pretty pictures of her home and creation. Those colors. Yay, can't stay 'stop'. I'm smitten. Not only that they are so pretty, but they also remind me of my childhood home, with my mom's collection of fabrics and batik. My mom sews, she still does from time to time. She made dresses for her three daughters herself. And with colorful fabric pens she added drawings on plain white dresses. Hmm. I should find a picture of me wearing one of those dresses. Anyway it's mother's day today. No wonder. I got bitten by mother's day bug ;-) Happy mother's day to you, mommy! XOXO

Pictures below are property of Anna Maria Horner. All linked to her website.

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