Tuesday, December 30, 2008

{wild flowers and a trip}

I’m still cleaning up, getting organized, it feels like a never ending story. And this includes cleaning up my computer and re-organizing the files, moving them into CDs and labelling them. Labels. I love labels. Especially the cute ones.

And I came across these pictures from my trip to Sweden and France last summer. That was nice. Travelling with a 14 year old girl turned out to be really inspiring. Especially when the 14 year old is a brilliant girl like Brea, the daughter of a great friend of mine.

Brea and I outside our hostfamily’s house in Gränna, Sweden.

By the way, ever since the photo exhibition Herbarium Amoris in Jakarta two years ago (read my entry about it here), until now I’m still crazy about taking pictures of flowers. And my host families’ homes in Gränna and Mullhyttan in Sweden are two of my favorite places for hunting pictures of wild flowers.

By the lake in Örserum, Gränna

The quiet beauties in Mullhyttan

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