Sunday, December 21, 2008

{rearrangement continued}

Sunday! And I'm so excited today about cleaning up and rearranging my room...what else :-) I will get some help from my aunt and cousins {thankful for my family}. It's been sometime since I moved all my belongings from the flooded house to where I live now, and my aunt and I tried to find a weekend where both of us are free the whole day. So last week we decided it's today.

And came an sms from the cellist of our chamber orchestra: "tomorrow rehearsal at 2 p.m."

Oh no.

I explained to her the situation, the plan, the ship-wreck-looked room I'm now (oh, not that bad, actually!), that I desperately needed a peaceful Sunday for a joyful housework...

I always knew our cellist is a super nice one. She replied with "ok, see you next week then?"

It was almost midnight. I smiled and was ready to go to bed for a restful sleep before the big Sunday. When suddenly my cellphone once again gave a blink. A text coming in. From my pianist, our conductor: "don't forget tomorrow rehearsal at 2 p.m."

What should I say? :-D

Anyway, I'm ready for the big clean-up now and, I looked again at my own post about decorating ideas for small room with icy-blue painted wall. I also came across Alicia Paulson's website last night, and wow! Look at her studio!! It's exactly a look that I'm looking for! Fresh, cheerful, crafty, and well-organized.

I continued with reading Alicia's blog, and I felt like refreshed. It's nice when you wake up being inspired and looking forward to do something you'd been yearning for sometime, and knowing you have lovely ideas in hand!

Just look at some pictures of Alicia's studio here. My happy inspiration. Thanks Alicia! :-)

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