Friday, December 26, 2008

{rearrangement on the way}

Welcome to my little place :o)

I love love love pinecones! The pinecones hanging on my door are the ones I collected in Mullhyttan, Sweden, while I was staying there last July. While taking a walk in the forest nearby my hostfamily's house, I saw one pine branch hanging and the pinecones were dried without touching the ground, so it was perfect! I got around twenty of them and they made their way to Indonesia, to my door! :o) The papercutting on the middle is a traditional Polish papercraft called 'Wycinanki'. It's a gift from my Polish friend Joanna. I wrote about it on my blog here.

Finally and hopefully soon, I will have a craft corner of my own, even if it's only part of my room in the family home :o)

The rainy season has come and it is crucial to clean up and to get prepared in case there's flooding, even the smallest. If somehow you read my old blog about last year's big flood, then you see why I'm a little bit nervous when it comes to rainy season and big rain.

After the flood that devastated the house and most of my belongings, I moved back to the family home, and occupy a small room upstairs, which hopefully will always be safe from flood :o)

Anyway after a year (and a little bit more) I managed to gather all the 'leftovers', transported them from the flooded house to where I live now, and here it is the big cleanup.

I still think that my room is too small *hehehe* but I really need to have two tables for working and crafting and some shelves for my books and magazines and other things. I can imagine the room will be more 'crowded', but I have to deal with it. Now you know why I'm crazy about small-room-decorating ideas...yay!

Today the cleaning up is almost done, and the rearrangement is on it's way. And it's time to make good use of the flea-market-found fabrics that I've been collecting for sometime now...hehehe, I really love fabrics and papers, you'll see from the photos here.

Before the rearrangement, this was the original location of the teak table. I had removed the pinboard when I took the picture, but you still can see the scrapbook papers that i stuck to the wall as inspiration when I draw graphics. And yes, I love peonies and lavender...but the ones on my table are made of plastic :o)

The other corner with the shelves for my collection of books and magazines. My plan was to put the higher shelves on the corner and the lower in the middle next to the bed.

And the bed. I don't plan to change its look, somehow I love it to feel serene and fresh at the same time, so I'm in love with the color combination of the bed sheet and blanket cover: white, blue and lime green. The wall on that corner is still bare. Still looking for some inspiration...though I already posted some here on the blog. Too much inspiration is good in this case :o)

The curtain is a mix of old and new. At first I wanted to change the red-and-white gingham curtain, found at flea market, with these cheerful Swedish fabrics, a gift from my friend Anna H. (when we had a real fun time having to drive around Gothenburg just because we missed one turn in the city center :o)). Turned out that the new fabrics are not wide enough to cover the window, so I just put them on top of the old gingham. And I just like it!

After cleaning up...

This, will be my craft corner. The teak table was turned 90 degree to the right, next to it, in the middle, I put the painted table, and I covered both tables with strawberry prints fleamarket-found cloths. Then I also covered the three pinboards with three different fleamarket floral fabrics, pink, yellow, and green. Ow, I love the result! I still don't have any idea how I will put back all those small inspirations to the pinboards, so in the meantime I pinned whimsical illustrations from 2007 Becky Kelly calendar (I really like them so I don't throw them away). Probably I will frame them later, who knows. And you see the scrapbook papers are also moved next to the pinboard.

And these are the bookshelves on their new corner, as planned. I haven't moved all the books yet. The middle shelves are still occupied only by my violin and two peonies. Time's up for today, now time to rest and I will continue the rearrangement tomorrow. At least the clean-up part is done, and tomorrow to the most exciting part: getting organized! Till tomorrow...

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