Monday, May 18, 2009


Attila Abdullah, my nephew, born in Stuttgart 24 april 2009

Oh no! It's been more than one month since my last entry!! Have you ever heard of a lazy artist before?? That sounds like me :-D Though I might have a lot of excuses but certainly there's no room for those excuses :-D

Anyway, I'm back online and I can't wait to announce to the world how excited I am to become an auntie!! Well well, life is so good so far, I'm blessed with so many wonderful kids who call me 'auntie'. But on 24 april 2009, the blessings were doubled, I'm officially an aunt. My little sister in Stuttgart, Germany, gave birth to a super cute baby boy. His name is Attila, but my super sister calls him 'superboy'. Ok ok, no protest is allowed. I can only hope that my super nephew will soon realize he has a super auntie, too *giggle*

And about the graphics...

I've been busy lately but I'll take a week off from work next week and work on the graphics (good news, I hope! :-)). After moving to the new server, I had problem accessing the member area, and after a few attempts to fix some pages, I just decided to re-arrange the whole site altogether.

So please don't be dissapointed if you find that my website is closed for a few days next week (or perhaps already this coming weekend). It will only be emptied and then replaced with the same graphics + new items, with new arrangement, for what I hope to be an easier navigation.

In the meantime this blog is always up and open. I'll be right back...


  1. That little guy is beautiful! Congrats. I am looking forward to seeing some more of your work too

  2. Congratulations on being an aunt now :) Isn't it exciting to be one? I find the worst thing about being an aunt is when you live so far away from the little ones - well, for me it's "only" 560km from my little nephew and niece, but still too far. So - when will you come to Stuttgart? I didn't know that you had a sister there. We are living only about 100km south of Stuttgart, so please tell me when you visit, I'll be not so far away ;) {{{BIGHUGS}}} from one aunt to another :)


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