Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My icon of style: Carolyn Quartermaine

British artist and designer Carolyn Quartermaine is my idol... well, one of my idols in the design world. Her style, her choice of colours, all. And I love it how she uses her own home as "an inspiring three dimensional sketchbook" - as quoted by Elle Decor.

Her book "Revealed" (Conran Octopus, 2001) is one of my main inspirators and I have special folder for all Carolyn Quartermaine related files I could find: magazine articles, pdfs, images, that I can take a look often, training my eyes and visualizing I could live the CQ-style :-)

Such an envy, really. And now looking at those files in the folder again, I dream of transforming my room into my own 3D sketchbook, just like Carolyn Quartemaine...

For the moments, here are the looks I'm dying to covet, from Carolyn Quartermaine's home:

Here's how I really really want my drawing room to look like. Clean, fresh details, but somehow there's a kind of artistic mess here and there.

The details are exquisite...

This is beyond sitting pretty. Here you sit gorgeous

That's how I would have my storage to look: unconventional, magical

Perfect setting to embark on a fairytale dream land, a beautiful rest

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