Saturday, May 30, 2009

{weekend wandering: Batavia 09.05.30}

I'm all about Victoria's sfgirlbybay Sunday in the City series at the if I am inspired to create 'weekend wandering' series in my blog now, I think the credit should go to her. Huge thanks, Victoria!

So here's my own story: I live in Jakarta since 1992, I love it, it's a vibrant city with lots of possibilities, but except you are really into modern buildings and shopping malls (which often have fantastic decorations, somehow, great work!) I find it quite challenging to find interesting spots in the city, ones which have natural, authentic feel. A girl with a lust for history I am, I often found my refuge in historical parts of the city. The old town, at the first glance, may look ugly with lots of unmaintained buildings. But it has a magnetic character that I'm unable to explain. It's striving. And I'm only one of thousands who have a special fondness to this place. There's a community who's all into the history of Jakarta, and there's a special council whose grand task is to revitalize this once in the old days the lovely city of Batavia.

Yay! I think I should divide the story now for my future weekend wandering posts :-) Anyway during these past few years, I've been involved in some amazing projects which, at first, 'forced' me to go deeper into the history of Jakarta, and who knew that it now becomes somekind of obsession :-)

Now to the first snaps...(I use Kodak Z650 to have fun with, and all the pictures are intended only for my own heart's content :-)) Hope you enjoy them too.

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