Saturday, May 23, 2009

{retro finds}

Gradually cleaning the space in my server today, I was fascinated by how much files I have accumulated over the past few years in my computer. Many of them, of course, were stored as inspiration, ideas, eye candies ... phewww! And while archiving the snapshots from my camera's memory card, I found these pictures I took of old Burda magazines from the 60s...oh yes now I remember digging my mother's collection of fashion magazines the last time I went home a few months ago. Somehow I was amused to find how interesting and hip their style is, so much in line with the current trend plus such an unarguable character. Adding a bit of tweaking and adjustment I dream of recreating the dresses and the coats. And look at the patterns, and the colors. I'm so glad mom still keeps those old magazines :-) Here they are a few little collages I put together from the snapshots.

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  1. I love these old Burda magazines, too :) My grandmother had stored many of these, she liked to sew and even design clothes. Unfortunately she died too early :(

    I like the fifties fashion in particular with the huge petticoats my mother used to wear when she was young :)

    By the way, some weeks ago I opened a new blog with Blogspot called "RomantiKitsch" and I guess you might like it ;) Just visit my profile for the link :)



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